Academic Affairs

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Iliana Reyes portrait
Iliana Reyes, Associate Dean

Academic Affairs refers to:

  • Advising services for undergraduate students
  • Graduate fellowships and graduate and undergraduate scholarships
  • Issues pertaining to academic integrity and grade appeals
  • Curriculum and course development
  • Professional preparation programs leading to State of Arizona certification
  • College of Education relationships with partner schools and districts

The Office of Student Services is available to advise current and interested students on the requirements of each of the college’s undergraduate programs:

And the seven minors:

Student Services staff members also assist with recruiting, serve as liaisons to other campus units such as CATS Academics, and sponsor the College of Education Ambassadors and the Future Teachers Clubs. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Scholarship Coordinator work with the Departments to award more than 1.4 million dollars in Graduate College Responsibility Tuition Waivers, Graduate Fellowships, and Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships.

When issues arise with students’ academic integrity or when students would like to appeal a grade, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will assist both students and faculty concerning procedures and processes. Working with the College of Education Academic Programs Committee (APC) and the College of Education Departments, Academic Affairs personnel provide requisite forms for developing or modifying new courses or programs. Working with the State of Arizona Department of Education, Academic Affairs provides updates on rules and procedures and, wherever possible, develops campus-wide approaches to program review and documents for placing students in field assignments and Student Due Process procedures.

Academic Affairs also works with programs on special projects such as the Arizona Teaching Fellows and the Arizona Teachers Academy.

The Academic Program Committee (APC) meets monthly to review and approve COE courses for addition, modification, or deletion in the Course Management System (CMS).

Steps for submitting course materials to APC:

  1. Complete the appropriate Recommendation form (add, modify or delete).
  2. Review the syllabus for adherence to UA and college policies and guidelines. Syllabi that do not adhere to these cannot be approved by APC or Room and Course Scheduling (RCS). 
  3. Obtain a memo from the department head acknowledging the course has been reviewed at the department level and approving the course to advance to APC.
  4. Send only electronic versions of the Recommendation form, syllabus and department head memo to Michelle Tellez, who will forward them to the committee.
  5. Complete course materials are due to Michelle at least 1 week prior to the scheduled APC meeting.

You will be notified of APC's decision by your departmental representative or Michelle.  Please plan for course approval to take some additional time beyond the meeting. For example, if the syllabus needs minor revision, it may not be approved until it is resubmitted and the committee has time to review and vote on it.

Step by Step Guide

These documents are relevant to the standards we expect our students to meet. There are documents for identifying students in professional preparation programs who are outstanding and the process for alerting program coordinators to their exemplary performance. There are also documents relevant to identifying students in professional preparation programs who are not performing at an acceptable level. There are forms that provide a process for alerting program coordinators to a students' difficulties and that establish a plan for assisting the student with improving performance.

UA TPP Professional Standards
UA TPP Professional Standards Signature Sheet
InTASC Standards
ISTE Standards for Educators
AZ State Board of Ed Professional Practices for Certificate Holders
Professional Expectations for UA Teacher Candidates
Flow Chart: UA TPP Performance Concern Process
Performance Concern Form
Response to Concern Form
Professional Growth Plan
UA Teacher Candidate Midterm-Final Evaluation
UA Teacher Candidate Midterm-Final Evaluation Rubric