College Committees

From diversity and awards to personnel and salary, the College of Education has several standing committees — with representation from all units — that meet throughout the academic year. For more information, please contact Rachel Barton.

DeMarcus Jenkins, EPSP Rep., 2019-2021
Donna Jurich, Career-Track Rep., 2019-2021
Iliana Reyes, OOD, Ongoing
Eric Smith, EDP Rep., 2020-2022
Blaine Smith, TLS Rep., 2019-2021
Desiree Vega, DPS Rep., 2019-2021
Fernando Parra, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing
Michelle Tellez, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing

Kris Bosworth, EPSP Rep., 2020-2022
Tara Burke, Graduate Student Rep., 2020-2021
Adriana Cimetta, EDP Rep., 2020-2022
Michael Hartley, DPS Rep., 2019-2021
Bruce Johnson, OOD, Ongoing
Nicole Kerstin, TLS Rep., 2019-2021
Vanessa Perry, Career-Track Rep., 2019-2021
Caleb Stump, Staff Rep., 2020-2021
Colin Waite, Staff Rep., 2020-2022
Rachel Barton, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing

Heidi Burross, Career-Track Rep., 2020-2022
Jenny Lee, EPSP Rep., 2020-2022
Mary McCaslin, EDP Rep., 2020-2022
David Yaden, TLS Rep., 2020-2022
Jina Yoon, DPS Rep., 2019-2021

Alberto Arenas, TLS Rep., 2020-
Rachel Barton, Staff Rep., 2020-21
Monica Erbacher, EDP Rep., 2020-
Marcela Kepic, DPS Rep., 2020-
Iliana Reyes, Chair, OOD, Ongoing
Do Pham, Staff Rep., 2020-21
Karina Salazar, EPSP Rep., 2020
Fernando Parra, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing

Kayla Beard, Graduate Student Rep., 2020-2022
Sandy Durazo, Staff Rep., 2020-2022
Taucia Gonzalez, DPS Rep., 2020-2022
Lauren Howard, Graduate Student Rep., 2020-2022
Letty Molina-Gutierrez, Staff Rep., 2020-2022
Sung-eun Jung, TLS Rep., 2018-2021
Iliana Reyes, OOD, Ongoing
Z Nicolazzo, EPSP Rep., 2018-2021
Fernando Parra, Staff Rep., 2020-2022
Elizabeth Pope, EDP Rep., 2018-2021
Sherard Robbins, OOD, Ongoing
Eliane Rubinstein-Avila, TLS Rep., 2020-2022
Rachel Barton, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing