College Committees

From diversity and awards to personnel and salary, the College of Education has several standing committees — with representation from all units — that meet throughout the academic year. For more information, please contact Rachel Barton.

Stephen Arnold, TLS Rep., 2021-2023
Stephanie MacFarland, Career-Track Rep., 2021-2023
Z Nicolazzo, EPSP Red, 2021-2023
Iliana Reyes, OOD, Ongoing
Eric Smith, EDP Red, 2021-2022
Amanda Tashjian, DPS Rep., 2021-2023
Fernando Parra, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing
Michelle Tellez, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing

Kris Bosworth, EPSP Rep., 2021-2022
Tara Burke, Graduate Student Rep., 2021-2022
Sami Byker, Undergraduate Student Rep., 2021-2022
Jil Castek, TLS Rep., 2021-2023
Adriana Cimetta, EDP Rep., 2021-2022
Carrie Hollman, Staff Rep., 2021-2023
Sunggye Hong, DPS Rep., 2021-2023
Bruce Johnson, OOD, Ongoing
Ada Parra, TLS Rep., 2021-2023
Toni Sparks, DPS Rep, 2021-2023
Colin Waite, Staff Rep., 2021-2022
Rachel Barton, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing

Nolan Cabrera, EPSP Rep., 2021-2023
Ron Marx, EDP Rep., 2021-2023
Renae Mayes, DPS Rep., 2021-2023
Crystal Soltero, Career-Track Rep., 2021-2023
David Yaden, TLS Rep., 2021-2022


Alberto Arenas, TLS Rep., Ongoing
Shaun Cahill, Staff Rep., 2021-2022
Monica Erbacher, EDP Rep., Ongoing
Carrie Hollamon, Staff Rep., 2021-2022
Alex Lynch, DPS Rep., Ongoing
Iliana Reyes, Chair, OOD, Ongoing
Karina Salazar, EPSP Rep., Ongoing
Fernando Parra, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing
Tracy Kenyon, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing

Kayla Beard, Graduate Student Rep., 2021-2022
Katherine Cheng, EDP Rep., 2021-2023
Sandy Durazo, Staff Rep., 2021-2022
Raul Gonzalez, TLS Rep., 2021-2023
Taucia Gonzalez, DPS Rep., 2021-2022
Lauren Howard, Graduate Student Rep., 2021-2022
Amanda Kraus, EPSP Rep., 2021-2023
Letty Molina-Gutierrez, Staff Rep., 2021-2022
Rebecca Murillo, Undergraduate Student Rep., 2021-2022
Fernando Parra, Staff Rep., 2021-2022
Iliana Reyes, OOD, Ongoing
Sherard Robbins, OOD, Ongoing
Eliane Rubinstein-Avila, TLS Rep., 2021-2022
Rachel Barton, OOD Staff Resource, Ongoing