Advisory Board

The University of Arizona College of Education National Advisory Board, started in 1993, is composed of members who represent the diverse interests of their communities both in Arizona and various cities across the country. The Board advises the Dean of the College on a wide variety of issues related to: the appreciation and promotion of a quality education for future teachers, administrators, and other educators; and lifelong learning opportunities of interested citizens.

The National Advisory Board of the College of Education is committed to providing positive support to the College of Education through the established mission of the college.

The College of Education National Advisory Board VALUES:

  • Equity, diversity and inclusiveness
  • Success of every student
  • Collaboration with the community and University
  • Support for transformative action

Larry Bahill
Gloria Barnett
Patrice Brown
James Brunenkant
Richard Carranza
Juan Ceja
Panfilo Contreras
Sharyn Felton
Augie Gallego

Peggy Goulding
Charlotte Harris
Anita McDonald
David Overstreet
Judy Ovitt
Roxana Rico
Barbara Sullivan
Nancy Woodling

Laura Nobles Bank-Reed
Ann Boice
Nancy Berge
Renée Clift
Peggy Douglas
Sally Drachman Salvatore

Bruce Johnson
Paul Lindsey
Barbara Miller
Danielle Thu
Sheryl (Jinx) Patterson


Erica Travassos
Amy Moraga
Kerri Sierra-Flores