Internationalization Initiatives

The University of Arizona College of Education has long been highly engaged in international and global projects. CoE’s Internationalization Initiatives aims to purposely link faculty, staff, and students research and practices to activities outside the U.S. and other internationalizations efforts within the US as well. Its mission is three-fold: 1) Internationalization networking and support, 2) International research collaboration, and 3) Internationalization of the curriculum.

  1. Internationalization networking and support: We seek to support current and future international students as well as international visiting scholars and faculty by fostering a supportive environment for intellectual and cultural exchange. We also aim to network CoE internationals with other internationals across campus, the community, and globally. We also seek to promote exchange with domestic groups and partners.
  2. International research collaboration: We have an extensive network of global partners within the US and abroad. We strive to utilize this network to support ongoing and future opportunities in research, exchange, and partnerships.
  3. Internationalization of the curriculum: We currently offer a minor in Global Education (hyperlink), designed to inform and engage students on how education is understood and operates in diverse international settings. GEM provides interdisciplinary views of social theories and comparative frameworks to understand leading global issues and to address problems in the global education field. We also are in the process of integrating international perspectives in our existing academic programs.

For more information, contact: Prof. Jenny Lee, Deans Fellow for Internationalization.