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Global Education Minor

The Global Education Minor is designed to inform and engage students on how education is understood and operates in diverse international settings. GEM provides interdisciplinary views of social theories and comparative frameworks to understand leading global issues and to address problems in the global education field. It further aims to prepare undergraduates for careers in education that involve working with diverse international populations in the US and abroad. The courses are taught by leading UA faculty with expertise on and professional experiences with international education. Students will learn broad knowledge and skills necessary to move into entry level positions in international education. Additionally, students will be able to tailor their minor curriculum to more specific professional and academic areas of interest, such as schooling, human rights, and sustainability.

Learn about international education practices and study how teaching and learning is understood and operates in diverse international settings
Study global issues and address challenges in the field of global education, apply ethical and social reasoning for decision making in a culturally and diverse educational setting
Prepare for careers involving diverse international populations both in the U.S. and abroad

Sample Courses

This 18-unit minor requires a minimum of two interculturalism courses. Through this program, you will take courses from top scholars in a variety of subjects, including:

  • PAH 372: Intercultural Competence: Culture, Identity, Adaptation, and Intercultural Relations
  • TLS 386: Global Citizenship: Reading the World and the Word
  • TLS 387 - Introduction to Global Education
  • TLS 412: Promoting Diversity in Multicultural Contexts
  • EDL 200: A Global Perspective on Schooling

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The program will help prepare students for careers in education that involve working with diverse international populations in the United States and abroad. Those interested in careers in education leadership and administration, international development, law and policymaking, and business will be a great fit for the program. The GEM is great for students interested in programs like Teach for America and the Peace CorpsThe Peace Corps Prep Certificate program aligns with the Global Education minor; please visit their website for more information.

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For more information about this minor, visit Academic Advising, call 520-621-7865 to set up an appointment with a College of Education advisor or contact Yousra Abourehab. Please complete the College of Education Minor Declaration Form to declare this minor.