Global Education Minors (GEM) can use internships for elective credit in their program of study.  An internship is optional, but it is a great way for students to explore career paths, get academic credit, and build their resumes all at the same time.  Internships also give students the opportunity to:

  • Apply learning to international settings, either in or outside the U.S.
  • Put methods and theories from coursework into practice,
  • Engage with a professional community and develop valuable leadership skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. 
  • Gain concrete international experience for future employers in areas such as program design, advocacy, and assessment.

The GEM internship course for credit is offered to all GEM sophomores, juniors and seniors.  

Internship units (up to 3) are based on hours worked, with 1 unit of credit being equal to 45 hours of work. You'll need 135 hours of internship work for 3 units (one class), which is about 9-10 hours a week during a semester. The hours a week will differ for summer, depending on the total weeks available, as long as they reach 45 total hours per credit.

Before you apply for internship credit, set up an appointment with your academic advisor to make sure internship credit fits into your program of study.

**The internship application process should be completed in the semester prior to the semester you actually intern.



Find a host organization that is willing to host you in an internship experience. Look for internship experiences that will support your long-term career goals. When you interview with a host agency, make sure you are courteous and dressed for success.

Complete and email the ONLINE APPLICATION.  Note: this form will need to be submitted every semester a student wants to receive internship credit.  

If you are planning to intern with minors and/or vulnerable adults in the United States, you MUST obtain a fingerprint clearance card.  If you do not have a valid fingerprint card, review the Fingerprint Clearance Requirements to get your fingerprint card. Once you receive your fingerprint card, scan and email a copy of your card. 

If you are planning to intern with minors and/or vulnerable adults outside the United States, you MUST follow the necessary requirement of your host country.

Per University internship policy, “14. Internships Abroad: Students completing an internship abroad are required to register their travel with UA Study Abroad and follow policies and procedures related to international insurance coverage.”

Once these steps are successfully submitted, your advisor will be notified to register you for academic credit.