Educational Policy Studies & Practice

Leadership Studies & Practice Minor

The Leadership Studies & Practice Minor offers students an opportunity to develop a critical awareness of leadership theories and issues and provides essential leadership competencies and skills needed in any career field. Through a focus on leadership as a relational process, collaboration, and social change, students will acquire knowledge and develop dispositions and skills to address complex societal issues as effective, engaged, and ethical leaders.

Learn effective leadership skills related to communication, mission and vision building, group development, ethics, diversity, and creating change
Gain experience practicing leadership skills in internship roles as a program advisor, research assistant, or project developer in a university organization
Graduate with enhanced interpersonal leadership competence with a focus on strategies to lead individuals and teams effectively

Sample Courses

This 18-unit minor requires a minimum of 9 upper division (300-400 level) units. Through this program, you will take courses from top scholars in a variety of subjects, including:

  • HED 201: Foundations of Leadership (3 units)
  • EDL 200: A Global Perspective on Schooling (3 units)
  • EDL 322: Organizational Leadership (3 units)
  • EDL 371: Leadership for Social Change (3 units)

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The program will prepare students for leadership roles within a wide variety of career fields, particularly in education.  

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