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Adolescents, Community & Education Minor

The Adolescents, Community & Education Minor is designed to introduce students to the benefits and challenges of working with children and adolescents in school and community settings. Coursework is divided into three main categories that can be taken in any order. Category I, Adolescence in a Multicultural Society, includes courses about how adolescents learn, develop, and negotiate their unique and changing roles in a multicultural society. Category II, Adolescents and Schooling, focuses on educational issues directly affecting adolescents today. Category III, Working with Adolescents, includes courses that will involve community internships in school and non-school settings that directly affect the lives of adolescents. All coursework is housed in the College of Education, but some courses require outside fieldwork.

Gain a broader global perspective on schooling adolescents
Learn about current educational issues in the U.S.
Prepare to work with adolescents through hands-on experience and internships

Sample Courses

This 18-unit minor requires a minimum of 9 upper division (300-400 level) units. Through this program, you will take courses from top scholars in a variety of subjects, including:

  • EDP 301: Educational Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development (3 units)
  • EDP 405: Public Education in America in the U.S.: Policy and Practice (3 units)
  • TLS 200: Sustainability and Education (3 units)
  • TLS 304: Language, Culture, Race, and Identity in Education

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The program will help prepare students for careers related to working with adolescents or adolescent issues outside of a traditional school setting.

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