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If you are a K-12 teacher, we have plenty of resources to help you with your teaching, including lesson plans, recorded workshops, and free to low-cost teaching materials.

The Los Gatos Hispanic Serving Pathway program is a sub-award project fully funded by the US Department of Education. The goal of the program is to expand college-going outreach and quality dual enrollment pre-calculus mathematics courses at participating high schools.

For a school to be eligible for the grant, the school’s student population must be at least 35% Hispanic and operating under USDA COVID -19 waiver, under the National School Lunch Program Seamless Summer Option (SSO), and within 60 miles of the University of Arizona main campus.

Request for Proposals Open
5/27/22 – 7/8/22


The Passport to High School Institute was designed as a one-week immersion institute to show incoming 9th grade students how to design their high school experience to prepare for college.

Passport to High School focused on five outcomes:     

  1. Planning high school coursework to best suit a student's interest areas and career goals
  2. Understanding the role of extracurricular activities in High School, and how to best choose the clubs/activities that complement a student's college goals.
  3. Learn to navigate the UA website and campus to locate needed information. Examples include: how to sign up for summer camps/workshops for high school students, how to find out about scholarships and financial aid, and how to find the right department to fulfill career aspirations
  4. When to start the search for the perfect college or UA department, how to make the most of your high school counselors, and how to help parents with financial aid documents. 
  5. Learning and developing interview skills in order to intelligently ask questions to help make college decisions,  and be able to locate and identify administrators, professors, students, staff, and ask appropriate questions to each.


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For more information:
Office of Education Outreach
Sara P Chavarria
Phone: 520-307-0963

Teacher Designed Lesson Plans & videos for 4th grade to High School Educators on Fire Ecology, Climate, and Dendrochronology

(Sponsored by the following NSF projects: Jemez FHiRE Project & Monsoon Macrosystem Project.)

These lessons and videos are the result of Teacher Workshops, visits to the Valles Caldera reserach site in New Mexico, and a Summer Camp for middle school girls, offered at different times the summers of  2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 and led by participant teachers. Lessons designed covered topics on dendrochronology (Tree-rings), fire ecology, and/or climate. 

View Lessons Designed by our teacher participants.

View Videos created by our teacher participants.


CSI: Catastrophe Science Investigators - Investigating Forest Fires and Climate

(Sponsored by the following NSF projects: Jemez FHiRE Project & Monsoon Macrosystem Project.)

This summer camp introduced middles school girls to the investigative process. They were tasked with researching how forest fires occur, why they are so big, and what can be done to address this problem. The girls were asked to create a video elaborating on their learning path.  Check out their Investigative Case File and week-long schedule and featured video projects. 


For more information, please contact Sara Chavarria.


The Tucson Regional Educators Collaborative (TREC) is led by the UA College of Education, nine regional school districts, several charter schools, and 12 community organizations and governmental agencies to support the region’s teachers. The collaborative began as an idea by UA College of Education Dean Bruce Johnson, former Dean Ron Marx, and Carrie Brennan of the CITY Center for Collaborative Learning and was made possible thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.