Passport to High School

Lesson Plans

P2HS is a one-week institute to help incoming 9th grade students know how to design their high school experience to prepare for college.  Students engage in a variety of lessons, tours, and activities which open their eyes to possible career fields. The Institute also creates experiences that expose them to what college is like.  Students map out what they will need to do during their high school program in order to be prepared for college. They also gain insight into how to pay for college.
The lessons and samples included in this program are designed for a one week summer institute that has been implemented on the University of Arizona campus.  They can, however, be modified to accommodate other locations and timeframes. Currently, Sahuarita Middle School has adapted the program to deliver P2HS to all of their 8th grade students as part of their 8th grade program.

The first version of P2HS lessons and activities were designed in 2009 by Miria Biller, Sara Chavarria, and Deanna Wilhalme. Later iterations of the lessons and activities were made by Deanna Wilhalme, Sara Chavarria, and Yvette Gonzalez. Edits and modifications were made by Matthew Romanoski and, Jeremy Billings (HS intern, Tucson High, class of 2014).In 2015, further lesson plan edits and additions were made by Kyla Rischard and Mary Werner.

Below are individual lessons that are used in the Passport to High School program, along with a sample schedules that are used for our UA College of Education program.  All lessons can stand alone when used in classroom contexts.

The schedules are simply an example of how the lessons are used in our program, how we map the lessons out.

Passport Lesson Plans Supplemental Materials
Points of interest orienteering UA mapCourtesy Protocols

University hierarchy activity

Handout 1 (print size 11x17)
Handouts2&3 with key
Counselor activity Handout, Key

Faculty interviews

Protocol posters
What did you learn today? Tour, Handout
What do you want to be? Handouts1-5

What do I take in high school?

High school plan (Print landscape,size 11x17)
Science challenge Handouts, Etiquette Reminders, Lab Location Clues
How do I get in? Handout, Key

Personal statement writing workshop

OWL writing lab -Purdue
Handout 1
Handout 2
Letters of inquiry Model letter, Template, Excercise
Self inquiry tour UA map
How do you learn? Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Dress for success Handout 1
Brochure design for parent tours Handout 1

Daily reflections
UA web assignment

UA application

Choose college

College prep website list

AZ assurance