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Teaching Online by Design

The Teaching Online by Design (TOBD) minor is designed to engage and prepare students on how to design and facilitate online courses/programs.

This minor provides a deep dive into current theories and practices of instructional design and teaching/learning in the field of online education. It further aims to prepare undergraduates for careers in online education involving all levels of education from K-12, higher education, government, and industry.

This minor is designed for both experienced educators and those interested in entering the field of online teaching and learning including:

  • K-12 Teachers
  • Curriculum consultants
  • Instructional designers and technologist
  • Professional development staff
  • Higher educational instructors
  • Healthcare educators
  • Continuing education developers
Design Tomorrow's Learning with the TOBD Minor
Elevate Your Teaching Career through Cutting-Edge Online Education Strategies
Shape the Future of Education with Expertise in Online Teaching and Design

Sample Courses

This 18 unit minor requires 6 classes. Through this program, you will take courses from top scholars in a variety of subjects, including:

One required course:

  • TLS 253 - Introduction to Teaching Online by Design (Gen Ed course)

Three foundational courses:

  • TLS 454 - Instructional Design
  • TLS 455 - Universal Design/Users Experience
  • TLS 456 - Student Engagement in Online
  • TLS 318 - T & L with New Technologies
  • TLS 444 - Designing Instruction for Online
  • TLS 448 - Educational Video
  • ESOC 211 - Collaborating in Online Communities
  • ESOC 319 - Instructional Technologies

Two elective courses

  • TLS 333 - Digital Multimodal Composing
  • TLS 430 - Literacy Technology
  • ISTA 263 - Learning in the Information Age
  • AED 437 - Methods of Facilitating Learning
  • AED 460 - Instructional Material Development
  • AED 462 - Curriculum Development


Career opportunities after completing this minor include:

  • Online/Hybrid Educator
  • Instructional Designer or Technologist
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • E-Learning Consultant
  • Corporate or Industry Trainer

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For more information about this minor, visit Academic Advising or call 520-621-7865 to set up an appointment with a College of Education advisor. Please complete the College of Education Minor Declaration Form to declare this minor.