Senior Coordinator
Assistant to the Dean/Director for Faculty Affairs
Dean, Education
  • Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies
  • Member of the Graduate Faculty
Senior Coordinator, Strategic Recruitment
Human Resources Generalist III
Web Site Designer/Developer, Senior
sara chavarria headshot, wearing a white blouse with greenery in the background
Assistant Dean, Research
  • Assistant Director, STEM
Coordinator, Business-Personnel Services
Coordinator, School Relations
Senior Coordinator, STEM Education
Director, Digital Initiatives
Senior Coordinator, Equity and Inclusive Engagement
Director - Academic Advising
Professor Emerita
  • Project Director
Professor Emeritus
Specialist, Multimedia
tim malan headshot, short dark blonde hair, wearing eyeglasses and a light purple shirt
Instructional Specialist
Manager, Research and Personnel Services
pam mendel headshot, wearing a white blouse, greenery as a backdrop
Business Manager, Senior
Manager, Graduate Admission and Coordination
Senior Academic Advisor I
Amy Moraga headshot, wearing a black blouse, medium length dark hair, standing in front of an agave plant
Assistant Director, Donor and Alumni Relations
Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
Director, Diversity and Inclusion
Associate Dean
  • Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies
  • Associate Professor, Second Language Acquisition / Teaching - GIDP
  • Member of the Graduate Faculty
Administrative Associate, Senior
Executive Director, Professional Preparation Board-Education
Kerri Sierra-Flores headshot, wearing a maroon blouse, shoulder length hair, standing in front of an agave plant
Program Coordinator, Senior
Manager, Creative Services
Caleb Stump headshot, wearing eyeglasses and a red polo shirt, standing in front of an agave plant
Information Technology Support Analyst, Senior
Director of Development, College of Education
Information Technology Support Analyst, Principal
Director of Finance & Operations