Certifications & Endorsements

Students must complete a state-approved program in order to qualify for teacher and administrator certifications. The University of Arizona offers many certification programs through various colleges and also offers coursework toward several endorsements (attachments to certifications).

State Certification Programs at the University of Arizona
State Endorsement Programs at the University of Arizona
Institutional Recommendation information

Generally speaking, the requirements for educator certification in Arizona are:

If you have questions about certification contact Student Services at (520) 621-7865. All requests for University of Arizona Institutional Recommendations and to certify out-of-state forms require a minimum of a 72 hour processing time.

Institutional Recommendations can only be issued for one year after completion of the University of Arizona certification program, and are only valid for one year upon issuance. Out-of-state verifications may take longer to process if requirements were completed prior to 1988.

For more information on certification, please visit the Arizona Department of Education.