Endorsements (optional)

Language, Reading & Culture, M.A.

Bilingual Endorsements (21 credits)

TLS 504, 510, 512, 514, 516, and 528, TLS 694a Bilingual Practicum, ENGL 508 (or 613) or TLS 517. Students must pass Arizona Classroom Proficiency Examination (SPE). Contact the TLS office. The designated tribal official determines proficiency in American Indian Languages. For other languages, consult an advisor.


ESL Endorsement (21 credits)

Choose one from each of these categories:

Linguistics: TLS 504, TLS 652, or TLS 654; Foundations: TLS 510 or TLS 516; ESL Methods: ENGL 508, 513, or TLS 517; Reading/Writing Curriculum and Assessment (six units): TLS 528, TLS 514; Culture: TLS 512; Practicum: TLS 578 or 694a.


SEI Endorsement (3 credits)

State endorsement requirements: TLS 516


*Must have a valid teaching certificate in order to obtain an endorsement. Please see the ADE website for up to date information.