State Certification Programs at the University of Arizona

Teach Arizona: Secondary Grades (6-12) 
Great program for career-changers! Two locations: Tucson and Phoenix/Chandler.
Content areas include: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, General Science, Spanish, Mandarin, American Sign Language, English, History, Political Science/American Government, Middle School Social Studies, Economics

Special Education

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Mild-Moderate Disabilities (K-12) - one-year program option available!
Severe and Multiple Disabilities
Visual Impairment




Professional Non-Teaching

School Counselor
School Psychologist - Two locations: Tucson and Phoenix/Chandler.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

     Agricultural Education (Secondary Grades 6-12)

College of Fine Arts

    Art Education (K-12) 
    Music Education (K-12)

College of Science

    Math Education (Secondary Grades 6-12)