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Educational Leadership M.Ed.

The Educational Leadership M.Ed. program is designed for aspiring educational leaders who are seeking administrative certification. This cohort-based, 36-unit program leads to principal certification in the state of Arizona and can be completed within two years. The cohort concept has been used successfully by the University of Arizona Educational Leadership Program for several years. In this model, students develop formal and informal relationships with other students that support their journey to successful completion of an advanced degree. It also provides a solid foundation for leaders considering doctoral work at the elementary and secondary levels. In fact, some of the core courses may be applied toward the doctoral program in educational leadership.

The traditional M.Ed. course sequence consists of two courses each fall semester and two courses each spring semester. There are also four courses offered in the summer of the first year of participation in the program. Courses are held in the evenings once per week and are generally offered on the university campus. Off-campus locations may also be utilized at times. 

Study theory and research to inform and guide inquiry and practice
Gain experience and practice cultivating interpersonal relationships and strengthening political diplomacy skills
Graduate with experience working in a Tucson-area school district setting

Sample Courses

Courses in the program are delivered in a variety of formats, including,  hybrid (meaning a combination of in-person and online classes), in-person (face-to-face instruction), and some fully online courses during select semesters. The M.Ed. program is not currently offered as a fully remote program. Face-to-face participation and attendance is required for most courses. Core coursework of the program includes classes like EDL 560 (Foundations of Educational Leadership: Theory, Research & Practice), EDL 561 (The Principalship), and EDL 562 (Arizona Education Law).


Graduates from the program hold positions in urban, rural, and suburban districts. They work as principals, superintendents, and other district office professionals. Many graduates serve in leadership roles in professional organizations at the state and national levels.

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For inquiries about the program, please contact Assistant Professor of Practice Meg Cota, Ph.D.