Special Education, M.A. (Visual Impairment)

Required Core Coursework (6-9 credits)

SERP 502: Behavior Principles and Disability
SERP 504: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Exceptional Learners
SERP 556: Research Methods in Education
SERP 593: Student Teaching


Specialization Requirements (18 credits)

SERP 520: Low Vision and Visual Functioning
SERP 521: Introduction to Visual Impairments and Deaf-Blindness
SERP 522: Orientation & Mobility for Teachers of Individuals with Visual Impairments
SERP 523A: Braille I
SERP 523B: Braille II
SERP 524: Methods of Teaching the Visually Impaired


Student Teaching

SERP 593: Internship (8 credits)


Electives and SEI Requirements

LRC 516 or LCEV 508: Foundations of Structured English Immersion
LRC 505 or an equivalent course in reading


Note: Only six credits can be transferred from other university programs. Prior permission from the graduate college and the academic advisor are required.