How To Apply to Teach Arizona

We are still accepting applications for the 2024-25 Teach Arizona cohort, which begins in Summer 2024. We’ll accept applications for the next few weeks until the program is filled. Please contact us soon if you have any questions about the program or the application process!

Instructions for applying

Please contact Teach Arizona we are happy to answer questions about individual applications.

Before you apply, please read the following instructions thoroughly and follow them step by step. 

  1. Create and complete a profile in GradApp
  2. In the "Applications" drop-down menu, select "Apply to a Program"
  3. In the "Campus" drop-down menu, select "Distance"
  4. In the "Location" drop-down menu, follow the directions below:
    • Tucson (Pima County) applicants should select the “Flowing Wells” location when applying.
    • Phoenix (Maricopa and Pinal County) applicants should select the “Chandler” location when applying.
    • Yuma (Yuma County) area applicants should select “Yuma” location
    • Douglas (Cochise County) applicants should select “Douglas” location
    • Nogales (Santa Cruz County) applicants should select “Nogales” location
    • Applicants from all other areas/counties of the state should select “Distance” as their location.
  5. In the "Program Category" drop-down menu, you MUST select "Degree-Seeking" (Do not select "Accelerated Master's Program")
  6. In the "Program of Study" drop-down menu, select "Teaching and Teacher Education (MED)"

NOTE: On your application, you will be asked to list the names and emails of the three people who will be submitting letters of recommendation on your behalf. You don’t have to wait for those letters to be completed to submit your application.

If you need assistance with your application, please contact us at