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Dr. Karina Salazar named 2022 Erasmus Circle Fellow

Dec. 5, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Karina Salazar is our 2022 Erasmus Circle Fellow. Erasmus Circle Fellows are faculty leaders who have demonstrated excellence in their fields. They are nominated by their department heads and former Erasmus Circle Fellows and are selected by the College of Education National Advisory Board. The title of Erasmus Circle Fellow is...

Nolan Cabrera featured in Tucson Lifestyle

Nov. 8, 2022

Situation: Critical

With an election underway, many candidates around our state are attacking the concept of critical race theory, while others are acknowledging the need to talk about how race is playing a major role in how open and fair our society is. Here is what is being said on both sides of the debate.

By Elena Acoba / Photography by Shelley Welander

Read the...

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Amanda R. Tachine receives Outstanding Book Award

Nov. 3, 2022

Native Presence and Sovereignty in College begins with the Twin Warrior story rooted in Diné philosophy, as a theoretical framework that drives Dr. Amanda R. Tachine's in-depth analysis of Native students’ college experiences through an Indigenous, storytelling methodology. Dr. ...

The assistant professor of higher education was nominated for her research into whether the enrollment management practices of public universities undermine access for underserved student populations.

Karina Salazar featured in the Washington Post

Sept. 28, 2022

High school students who take the SAT, ACT or Advanced Placement tests can opt in to share their contact information, which the College Board, ACT and other vendors use to curate lists that colleges purchase. The researchers say the products systematically exclude underrepresented groups by focusing on test takers and filtering out students in...

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Arizona Upward Bound/TRiO program work with the students to ensure they are eligible and prepared for college

July 11, 2022

Arizona Upward Bound/TRiO program hosted in the University of Arizona College of Education is a pre-college program that works with 60 potential first-generation, low-income high school students from @pueblowarriors and @chollahigh. The program work with the students year-round to ensure they are eligible and prepared for college.

This year, the program was awarded funds from the University of Arizona College of Education Diversity's...

CATS Recruitment Partnership with Sunnyside Unified School District

May 25, 2022

Felisia Tagaban-Gaskin, Karina Salazar, Nadia Rodriguez, and Valerie Shirley were awarded more than $36,000 to continue their work in the Sunnyside Unified School District.


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Native SOAR will receive $1.2 million from the Arizona Department of Education

May 25, 2022

We are thrilled to share that Native SOAR will receive $1.2 million from the Arizona Department of Education to establish a comprehensive multigenerational mentoring program that centers on...

Regina Deil-Amen headshot

Dr. Regina Deil-Amen has been selected for the 2021-2022 African American Student Affairs Faculty Member of the Year!

May 6, 2022

After being nominated by students, faculty, and staff for her outstanding support of Black student success through mentoring. University of Arizona College of Education Director of the...

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Z Nicolazzo featured in the Arizona Daily Star

April 5, 2022

Associate Professor of Trans Studies Dr. Z Nicolazzo wrote an OpEd piece that was featured in the Arizona Daily Star regarding two anti-trans bills SB 1138 and SB 1165, that Governor Doug Ducey recently signed.

Arizona has become the fifth state to sign into law sports bans for trans girls, and one of a number of states that have legislated anti-trans health care into effect.