Katherine Cheng

Assistant Research Professor Katherine Cheng

Sept. 3, 2020

Welcome! Assistant Research Professor Katherine Cheng earned her doctorate in family and human development from Arizona State University with a specialization in measurement and statistical analysis. She also holds a master’s degree in psychology from New York University and completed a two-year postdoc fellowship at University of...

Ron Marx portrait

Professor and Dean Emeritus Ron Marx was featured in WalletHub

Aug. 1, 2020

Professor and Dean Emeritus Ron Marx was featured in WalletHub's recent piece about the most and least educated cities.

Paul Schutz portrait

Interim Department Head Paul Schutz recently published a Routledge book

Aug. 1, 2020

Interim Department Head Paul Schutz recently published a Routledge book about the multifaceted processes of teacher development, Teachers’ Goals, Beliefs, Emotions, and Identity Development: Investigating Complexities in the Profession. The book was co-written with Professor Ji Hong of the University of Oklahoma and Associate Professor...

Young woman and child at table looking at laptop screen

Educational psychology doctoral student and home-school teacher offers tips for first-time home-school teachers

March 24, 2020

With thousands of schools closed across the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many parents are taking on the challenge of home-schooling their children for the first time. UA News reached out to Rebecca Friesen, a doctoral student in the Department of Educational Psychology and a home-school teacher of three children, for some helpful tips.

"The key, she says, is modeling a genuine enjoyment of learning."


Tom Good portrait

Evaluating America’s teachers

March 11, 2020

The Washington Post wrote a piece about Professor Emeritus Thomas Good's recently released research brief, “Addressing Teacher Evaluation Properly.”

"Good told me that teacher evaluation practices today are varied across the nation in...

Cognition and Memory

June 19, 2019

As the director of the Cognition and Memory in Education and Learning (CAMEL) lab, Jonathan Tullis investigates how learning environments can prompt learners to capitalize on the strengths of memory, minimize the impact of the weakness of memory, and decrease the efforts learners expend. His research brings to light a better understanding of fundamental cognitive processes so that educators can more...