Special Education, Ph.D.

Core Competency Area 1 – Foundations of Evidence Based Practices (12 credits)

SERP 595D*: Recent Advances in Special Education (3 credits)
SERP 502: Behavioral Principals and Disabilities: Assessment and Intervention (3 credits)
SERP 504: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Exceptional Learners (3 credits)
SERP 529A: Advanced Positive Behavior Support (3 credits)
SERP 695: Colloquium: Sensory Impairments ( 3 credits)
SERP 695B: Colloquium: Behavioral Disorders (3 credits)
SERP 696E: Grant Writing Seminar (3 credits)
SERP 599: Independent Study (3 – 6 credits)

*Indicates this course (SERP 595D) should be taken as early in the program as possible, preferably in the first semester of study.


Core Competency Area 2 – Design, Research and Implementation of Evidence Based Practice (17 credits)

EDP 541: Statistical Methods in Education (4 credits)
EDP 641: Selected Applications of Statistical Methods
EDP 667: Research Design and Techniques (3 credits)
LRC 605: Qualitative Research Methods in Education ( 3 credits)
SERP 590: Single Subjects Research (3 credits)
EDP646A: Multivariate Methods in Educational Research (3 credits)
SERP 794: Research Practicum: Externship at another University (9 credits)
SERP 900: Research with UA Faculty (variable credits)


Core Competency Area 3 – Teacher Preparation and Personnel Development in Evidence Based Practice (9 credits)

SERP 791: Preceptorship (6 credits)
SERP693: Internship (in high-need school (3 credits)


Core Competency Area 4 – Professional Knowledge and Skills in Higher Education (variable credits)

SERP 695: Colloquium on Professional Writing (3 credits)
SERP 696E: Colloquium on Professional Writing (3 credits)
SERP 695E: Colloquium on Preparation for the Professoriate (3 credits)
SERP 900: Research with UA faculty (variable credits)
SERP 599: Dissertation (18 credits)