Doctoral Degrees

Disability & Psychoeducational Studies

Counselor Education & Supervision Ph.D.

CACREP Accredited

The Counselor Education & Supervision Ph.D. program is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership in counselor education and research. The goal of the program is to prepare counselor educators and supervisors who identify as professional counselors and who are knowledgeable in all areas of applicable CACREP standards.

The program is known for its strong emphasis on research, professional practice, and advocacy and leadership. Program faculty endorse the scholar‐practitioner model of graduate training in which students are exposed during their coursework to both the research and scholarly knowledge encompassing the field and the application of such knowledge to all aspects of professional practice as a counselor educator/researcher.

Students are also encouraged to develop a special expertise in their chosen minor concentration area (e.g., special education, psychology, neuropsychology, family studies, and law and policy). Supervised field experiences are provided to ensure successful functioning in research, teaching, and counseling supervision.

Study and integrate theory and clinical counseling practice
Gain experience conducting rigorous research on important questions relevant to counseling and the counseling profession
Graduate with knowledge and skills in pedagogy and teaching methods that constitute best practice in counselor education

Sample Courses

SERP 635: Advanced Counseling Theory and Practice (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 635
SERP 640: Counselor Supervision and Teaching (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 640
SERP 645: Leadership and Advocacy (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 645
SERP 695E: Preparation for the Professoriate (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 695E

See Coursework for more details.


Graduates of the program are leaders and advocates for social justice. They are scholars and educators who contribute to the advancement of the counseling profession in a diverse world. Graduates may assume a variety of roles upon graduation, but the majority of students plan to fulfill the role of scholar-practitioner at the university level and teach within counselor education programs, an area of major need nationally.

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