Counselor Education & Supervision, Ph.D.

Research and statistics core coursework (7 credits)

EDP 541: Statistical Methods in Education or similar quantitative course (4 credits) Sample Syllabus: EDP 541
LRC 605: Qualitative or similar qualitative course (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: LRC 605


Advanced research (9 credits) 

SERP 595D: Recent Advances in Special Education and Rehabilitation (3 credits) 
SERP 590: Single‐Subject Research (3 credits) 
EDP 647: Factor Analysis Techniques in Education (3 credits)
EDP 646A: Multivariate Methods in Educational Research (3 credits)


Counseling core (21 credits)

SERP 635: Advanced Counseling Theory and Practice (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 635
SERP 640: Counselor Supervision and Teaching (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 640
SERP 645: Leadership and Advocacy (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 645
SERP 695E: Preparation for the Professoriate (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 695E
SERP 695M: Professional Writing (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 695M
IA 697A: Learner‐Centered Teaching (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: IA 697A
SERP 696E: Grant Writing (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 696E


Minor (9 credits) 

To be determined in consultation with minor advisor and supervisory committee.


Practicum (3 credits) 

SERP 694: Practicum Sample Syllabus: SERP 694


Internship (9 credits) 

SERP 693: Internship Sample Syllabus: SERP 693


Dissertation (18 credits) 

SERP 920: Dissertation 



Major credits: 67 credits  
Minor credits: 9 credits 
TOTAL CREDITS: 76 credits 

NOTE: Students who have not earned a master’s degree from an CACREP-accredited counseling program may be required to complete additional master level coursework. Students wishing to transfer up to 9 hours of graduate credit completed from another university within the last 5 years must submit a petition to the student’s academic advisor within the first semester of matriculation.