Counselor Education & Supervision, Ph.D.

Research and statistics core coursework (7 credits)

EDP 541: Statistical Methods in Education or similar quantitative course (4 credits) Sample Syllabus: EDP 541
LRC 605: Qualitative or similar qualitative course (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: LRC 605


Advanced research (9 credits) 

SERP 595D: Recent Advances in Special Education and Rehabilitation (3 credits) 
SERP 590: Single‐Subject Research (3 credits) 
EDP 647: Factor Analysis Techniques in Education (3 credits)
EDP 646A: Multivariate Methods in Educational Research (3 credits)


Counseling core (21 credits)

SERP 635: Advanced Counseling Theory and Practice (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 635
SERP 640: Counselor Supervision and Teaching (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 640
SERP 645: Leadership and Advocacy (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 645
SERP 695E: Preparation for the Professoriate (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 695E
SERP 695M: Professional Writing (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 695M
IA 697A: Learner‐Centered Teaching (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: IA 697A
SERP 696E: Grant Writing (3 credits) Sample Syllabus: SERP 696E


Minor (9 credits) 

To be determined in consultation with minor advisor and supervisory committee.


Practicum (3 credits) 

SERP 694: Practicum Sample Syllabus: SERP 694


Internship (9 credits) 

SERP 693: Internship Sample Syllabus: SERP 693


Dissertation (18 credits) 

SERP 920: Dissertation 



Major credits: 67 credits  
Minor credits: 9 credits 
TOTAL CREDITS: 76 credits 

NOTE: Students who have not earned a master’s degree from an CACREP-accredited counseling program may be required to complete additional master level coursework. Students wishing to transfer up to 9 hours of graduate credit completed from another university within the last 5 years must submit a petition to the student’s academic advisor within the first semester of matriculation. 

In addition to the required coursework, students must pass the program milestones of the Qualifying Exam, Comprehensive Exam, and Dissertation Defense.