Student Highlights

What Our Students are Saying

Paul Lindsay Internship Scholars for the 2020-2021

Jesus Villarreal, Sujey Benavides, Nick Noon, and Lisa Friedman were Paul Lindsay Internship Scholars for the 2020-2021 school year. The Lindsay Scholarship is awarded to outstanding College of Education students who are making a difference in their community through an internship in an informal educational setting.

Kristin Wook

Kristin Wook is the recipient of the Outstanding Literacy, Learning, and Leadership Student Award for the December 2020 graduation.

College of Education Ambassadors

Erin Allen, Rebecca Murillo, Irene Meikle (not in photo) and Sujey Benavides are working as College of Education Ambassadors for the 2020-2021 school year. Student Ambassadors represent the student perspective of the college to prospective and new students and family, the University of Arizona community, and other groups/organizations as called upon. Ambassadors communicate and present information as needed at various programs and events (e.g., Arizona Experience, Arizona Road Trip, and other recruitment events, career fairs, new student orientation). In exchange, Ambassadors are provided with skill development and leadership opportunities. If you have any questions about how to apply to be a College of Education ambassador, please contact Angela Botello.

Dean's Advisory Group

Several students from Literacy, Learning, and Leadership are members of the Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board. Pictured left to right:

Brennen Feder (Leadership, Literacy, Learning), Don Sanchez Kitch (Literacy, Learning, and Leadership), Siena Garcia (Elementary Education), Wanda Becker (Elementary Education), Gabriella Rivas (Literacy, Learning, and Leadership), Jaden Mickens (Literacy, Learning, and Leadership), Rena Mendoza (Literacy, Learning, and Leadership), Laura Kroll (Elementary Education), and Joseph Sturm (Literacy, Learning, and Leadership)