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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology M.A.

The Educational Psychology M.A. program provides a foundational understanding of the concepts, methods, and theories related to the discipline of educational psychology. The program offers specialized courses in the areas of the psychology of teaching and learning, human cognition and problem solving, human development, and research methodology and measurement. Graduate students in the program hold undergraduate degrees from diverse academic fields. Many are experienced educators who have chosen graduate work in educational psychology to increase their knowledge and skills.

Study the psychology of teaching and learning, human development, and measurement, statistics and research methodology
Learn how psychology is relevant to educational issues
Prepare and present research through either a thesis or outcome assessment

Sample Courses

Courses in the program are delivered in-person on the main campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson. Core coursework of the program includes course options like EDP 501 (Advanced Child Development), EDP 502 (Motivation and Development in the Classroom), and EDP 560 (introduction to Educational Research). In addition to 26 credits of core coursework, students must choose between two separate program plans within the program: 1) The thesis (Plan A) or 2) The outcome assessment (Plan B). Both plans are designed to emphasize research.


The program exposes students to emerging psychological research and theory, preparing them for a wide range of professional positions in education, government, and industry.

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