Doctoral Degrees

Educational Policy Studies & Practice

Higher Education Ph.D.

The Higher Education Ph.D. offered in the Center for the Study of Higher Education, is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of concepts, theoretical frameworks, issues, and practices in a particular area within higher education. The program integrates core courses in higher education, an area of concentration, and individually tailored courses of study that encourage students to undertake coursework with faculty in a variety of departments. Areas of concentration include comparative higher education, organization and administration, college access, and student affairs. The core coursework provides a foundation enabling students to comprehend the central sociopolitical, cultural, organizational, and economic structures comprising and influencing both American and global higher education.

Learn about and explore national and global dimensions, issues, and agencies related to higher education
Study how developments in the political economy shape and are expressed in the restructuring of higher education settings, professions, and practices
Graduate prepared for a career that will commit to educational changes and reform that enhance the realization of social justice in higher education

Sample Courses

HED 601 Higher Education in the United States
HED 609 Organization and Administration in Higher Education

See Coursework for more details.


The program prepares students for a wide range of leadership roles within education. Graduates of the program pursue careers in which they can inform and influence educational policy. Many also continue producing research and developing theories about teaching and learning. All graduates, no matter the career path taken, enter roles in which they can learn and develop new ways to affect positive change in classrooms, institutions, and local communities.

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