Higher Education, Ph.D.

Required core coursework

HED 601 Higher Education in the United States
HED 609 Organization and Administration in Higher Education
HED 619: Higher Education Across the World OR
HED 628 Theories of Inequality, Oppression, and Social Stratification OR
HED 636 College Access and Success OR
HED 642: Gender and Education

Note: Substitutions that make sense (including HED 650 Finance/Enrollment Management) can be made for #3 


Required core methods coursework

HED 611 Quantitative Methods (Statistical Analysis in Higher Education)
HED 605 Qualitative Methods in Higher Education
HED 602 Research Design

Note: Students are strongly advised to take Quant Methods and Research Design from Higher Ed faculty.



18 credits or more, which can be taken in Higher Education, or in other programs and departments in the College of Education or the University. 



Minors are individualized to the interests of the student, in consultation with and approved by the student’s advisor. Sometimes, the minor is taken in other programs, departments, or colleges at the university, but many students do a Higher Education minor. If a minor in Higher Ed is chosen, students will consult with their advisor to select classes that reflect a sub-area of expertise. If a student minors in another department, they are subject to the requirements of that department for courses and for comprehensive exams. Requirements for the minor, including specific courses, are strictly at the discretion of the minor advisor(s) and department. 


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