Master's Degrees

Disability & Psychoeducational Studies

Counseling M.A.

The program mission is to educate professional counselors to work with persons across the lifespan, including those with disabilities. As such, our program curriculum draws from foundational content in clinical mental health, clinical rehabilitation, and school counseling. Through leadership, advocacy, collaboration, use of data, and action, our graduates will be competent at identifying and overcoming barriers that impede equal access to educational, social, environmental, and career opportunities for all persons. Our graduates will be dedicated to promoting and facilitating the personal achievement, empowerment, and quality of life of all the populations we serve.

Students of the program will specialize in one of the following areas:

Graduate prepared for state licensure and national counselor certifications
Study theory and research and gain skills in appraisal and expertise in intervention techniques, with emphasis in applications to persons with disabilities
Learn to effectively counsel diverse populations and their families with care and sensitivity

Sample Courses

Courses in the program are delivered in a variety of formats, including some online, hybrid (meaning a combination of face-to-face meetings and online), and face-to-face. Core coursework of the program includes courses like SERP 525 (Counseling Theories), SERP 546 (Counseling Skills and Techniques), and SERP 556 (Research Methods). In addition to the 48 credit hours of core coursework, you must complete 12 credit hours of your selected specialization:

Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Specialization

  • SERP 565 Introduction to Rehabilitation and Mental Health CNSL
  • SERP 585 Career and Vocational Planning
  • SERP 587 Lifespan Development and Disability
  • SERP 594 Practicum - Rehabilitation Specialty

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialization

  • SERP 565 Introduction to Rehabilitation and Mental Health CNSL
  • SERP 585 Career and Vocational Planning
  • SERP 510 Counseling over the Lifespan
  • SERP 576 Trauma, Loss, & Grief

School Counseling Specialization

  • SERP 506 Introduction to School Counseling
  • SERP 510 Counseling over the Lifespan
  • SERP 550 Career Development and Advanced Educational Planning
  • SERP 594 Practicum – School Counseling Specialty


As a counselor, you will engage in relationships that empower diverse population groups, including children, adolescents, adults, and individuals with disabilities. Depending on your selected area of emphasis, you may work in school or rehabilitation settings, as well as other environments that include:

  • Mental health treatment programs
  • Substance abuse treatments centers
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Private practice

Contact Us

For inquiries about the program, please contact Program Director Marcela Kepic.