Paul Lindsey Internship Overview

There is no question that our friend and supporter Paul Lindsey exudes the kind of energy that makes the rest of us flourish. His commitment to our community is unquestionable. For one, he is the brainchild behind the Paul Lindsey Internships in Education. Lindsey interns are students of education who build leadership and management skills through real-world experiences in their funded work with community outreach programs, museums and a variety of local agencies.

For his passion to bring education into the community in such a direct way, Lindsey was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters by our college in May 2013.  We are pleased to serve our Tucson community in an authentic way thanks to the philanthropy of this extraordinary, caring individual.

Please use this page's side menu to find more information on how to earn funds as a Lindsey intern in our community.

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Paul Lindsey Portrait
Paul Lindsey, a true entrepreneur and philanthropist


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