Education Policy Center

Why do we need an Education Policy Center?

Education is vital to an engaged and well-informed democratic populace.

Without it, everything from our society's most basic needs to our most innovative ideas and accomplishments would not be possible. Education has the potential to inspire us and ignite new ideas. It can inform and guide our actions, as well as prepare us for the future. All of us can benefit from a robust education system. Every learner deserves a strong foundation from which to grow, but unfortunately, in Arizona, our education system consistently fails to meet the needs of our children.
At the University of Arizona's College of Education, we are working to substantially improve PK-20 education, making it more equitable and just.  In order to help inform the public and policymakers in Arizona, we created the Education Policy Center. This center shares education policy research with the community and is a key resource for policymakers. We are the only university-based center in the state dedicated to policy issues of PK-20 education.

Just announced! Cutting-Edge Research to Transform School Practices

We wanted to know how teachers in our community were handling teaching during the pandemic, so we created an Education Policy Center survey of public school teachers. Please see the results of our survey below.