School Psychology, Ph.D.

Courses in psychological foundations and school psychology (45 credits)

PSYC 560: Advanced Social Psychology (3)
SERP 511A: Academic Assessment of Students with High Incidence (3)
SERP 512: Violence in School & Community (3)
SERP 517: Behavior Modification in Schools (3)
SERP 549: Introduction to School Psychology (3)
SERP 559: Cultural Diversity in School Psychology (3)
SERP 601: Cognition and Development (3)
SERP 602: Early Childhood Assessment and Intervention (3)
SERP 696B: Neuropsychological Bases of Learning & Behavior (3)
SERP 685: Child Behavior Disorders and Adjustment (3)
SERP 686: Child Psychotherapy (3)
SERP 638: Psychological Consultation and Supervision (3)
SERP 674B: Cognitive Assessment (3)
SERP 679: Educational & Psychological Assessment of Children (3)
SERP 696C: Professional Standards, Ethics, & Issues in School Psychology (3)
SERP 677: Personality Assessment (3)
SERP 693C: College Teaching and Supervision (3)
SERP 694-017: Psychotherapy Practicum (3)


Research design and statistics courses (minimum of 12 credits)

Three required courses:
EDP 641**: Advanced Statistical Methods for Research (4)
SERP 695P: Research Methods and Measurement in School Psychology (3)
EDP 646: Multivariate Analysis (3)

Note: ** Students without a solid understanding of elementary statistics or a graduate-level course may need to take EDP 541 prior to enrolling in EDP 641. They should discuss this need with their academic advisor.

One of the following statistics/methodology courses in consultation with their Qualifying Examination committee:
FSHD 606: Topics in Methodology and Data Analysis (3)
FSHD 617a: Advanced Data Analysis: Structural Equation Modeling (3)
FSHD 617b: Dyadic Analysis (3)
FSHD 617c: Advanced Data Analysis: Multilevel Modeling (3)
EDL 605: Qualitative Methods in Education Survey Research (3)
HED 605: Qualitative Methods in Education (3)
HED 616: Managing and Manipulating Data Using Stata (3)
HED 696: Statistical Programming for Data Manipulation (3)
HED 696c: Introduction to Multivariate Regression (3)
SERP 590: Single Subject Research Design (3)



Practicum and internship courses (minimum of 18 credits)

SERP 694B: Practicum in School Psychology (3)
SERP 693B: Internship in School Psychology (3 or 12*)
SERP 694**: Externship in School Psychology (>3)

Note: * 3 credits for APPIC internship; 12 credits for non-APPIC internship. **Students need to accrue a minimum of 1000 pre internship hours, which will require registration for SERP694; Number of units may vary.


Minor specialization (minimum of 9 credits)

Minor course work shall be taken in a related discipline selected by the student with approval by the doctoral committee. Some graduate programs may require more than 9 credits for minor.


Dissertation (18 credits)

SERP 920: Dissertation Research (18)