CRC Research Apprenticeships

CRC accepts applications for apprenticeship opportunities from students who wish to participate in research projects. Examples include an (unpaid) internship for an undergraduate honors student who wants to learn about classrooms and a graduate student who wants to focus on a particular question for an outcomes assessment (that may result in a presentation at a conference or a submission for publication). Data from current and future projects will provide the Center with a meaningful database and faculty support for investigators who wish to learn about data analysis strategies and their interpretation.

The focus is on classrooms, rather than on one particular aspect of classrooms such as teachers, or students, or curriculum. CRC is not driven by politics or any ideological orientation. Problematic and politically driven reform initiatives have emerged from both major political parties in the U.S., and The Race to the Top appears vulnerable to charges of more of the same. CRC pursues the development of research activities and policy papers that are problem-focused and driven by research evidence rather than assertion.