CRC Conferences and Policy Briefs

The Center for Research on Classrooms (CRC) intends to speak to important policy issues.  One mechanism for addressing policy concerns is to host conferences that are focused on important topics. Conferences are consistent with CRC goals to provide service to the discipline and outreach to the community by generating discussion around a focused set of issues and disseminating findings to stimulate thinking and possible action among classroom practitioners.

To date, CRC co-directors have worked with the UA College of Education to host two conferences. Information about these conferences can be found by clicking on the following links: 

A second mechanism for addressing policy concerns is to engage in conversations through various social media platforms.  Dr. Thomas L. Good recently responded to an article published in Time Magazine that unfairly perpetuates negative ideas about teachers in the United States.  Dr. Good's response consisted of a letter to the editor of the magazine entitled "Teachers Matter".