Student Wellness

Holistic wellness is integral to student learning and success. Student wellness includes physical well-being, mental health concerns, housing and food, and financial wellness and budgeting.

What are we doing about it?

The College of Education is conducting research on:

  • Peer victimization and teaching practices
  • The role cyberbullying has on youth and learning and socialization
  • Disrupting bullying behaviors
  • School-wide health promotion to target physical and psychological symptoms
  • Screening and treatment for trauma exposure and traumatic stress symptoms
  • Developing and testing interventions that can be implemented in school settings or specialty clinics to improve health behaviors, student engagement, mental health, and relationships
  • Positive psychology frameworks that examine risk and protective factors and promote resiliency

Who is doing it?

Professor, Disability & Psychoeducational Studies, Sheri Bauman
Associate Professor, Disability & Psychoeducational Studies, Michael Hartley
Associate Professor, Disability & Psychoeducational Studies, Michelle Perfect
Associate Professor of Practice, Elizabeth Pope