Broader Impacts in HSI Institutions

In 2018, the University of Arizona was designated a Hispanic Serving Institution by the U.S. Department of Education. We are the first one of Arizona's three state universities to have that distinction and are among only 105 four-year universities total. The designation allows us to serve a more diverse student population.

What are we doing about it?

The College of Education is:

  • Researching effective practices to promote the success of marginalized student and faculty populations
  • Addressing the whole system (faculty, staff, students, families, services) to find answers
  • Serving primarily Latinx high school students in discovering pathways to college
  • Designing a collaborative model for researching and enhancing college student success that is student-driven and implements partnerships between academic and student services units to enhance participation of students' home communities at an HSI
  • Increasing the capacity for STEM faculty to be more responsive and culturally inclusive in mentoring and supporting Pell-eligible HSI community college students transferring into STEM majors
  • Conducting participatory action research and resistance among college students in Puerto Rico

Who is doing it?

Professor, Educational Policy Studies & Practice, Regina Deil Amen
Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies, Julio Cammarota
Associate Professor, Educational Policy Studies & Practice, Nolan Cabrera
Assistant Dean, Research, Sara Chavarria
Assistant Vice Provost, Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Initiatives, Marla Franco
Research Scientist, Broader Impact, Corey Knox
Professor, Educational Policy Studies & Practice, Jenny Lee
Associate Professor of Practice, Elizabeth Pope
Assistant Professor, Higher Education, Karina Salazar
Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies, Jessica Summers