I want to teach. Now what?

If you are interested in attending Pima Community College for the first two years of college and then transferring to The University of Arizona, visit the PCC Education site or email Donna Cohn.

Ready to start at University of Arizona? Visit our Future Students page!

Teach middle school or high school. Current median salary in Arizona is $48,000. Employment of high school teachers is projected to grow 4% from 2019 to 2029, about as fast as the average for all occupations. (BLS.gov)

Next step:

Pursue 4-year Secondary Math Education program

(College of Science program)

Next step:

Pursue one of these 4-year programs in the College of Fine Arts


Next step:

Pursue 4-year Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Management and Education program

(College of Agricultural and Life Sciences program)

Next step:

Pursue 4-year Bachelor of Science in Education Mild to Moderate Disabilities program

Teach special education in K-12 schools. Current job outlook: 9% increase.


Pursue 5-year Special Education Accelerated M.A. program

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Education Mild to Moderate Disabilities and Master of Arts in Special Education in five years. Accelerated M.A. program offers three different specializations: 1) Severe and multiple disabilities, 2) Deaf and hard of hearing and 3) Visual impairment.

Next step:

Pursue 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Education in Early Childhood Education program

Teach grades K-3. Current job outlook: 4% increase.

Teach grades K-8, including ESL classrooms. Current job outlook: 10% increase.

Teach grades K-8 in dual language or ESL classrooms (high-need fields). Current median salary is $47,000.

Pursue 4-year Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

This is ideal for those who have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree. Note: this program does not lead to teacher certification.