Educational Psychology, Ph.D.

Students in the program need to pursue rigorous studies through advanced coursework and are required to take at least 15 600-level graded credits within the major along with EDP 696A (Professional Issues in Educational Psychology). In consultation with the advisor and committee, students need to design areas for advanced concentration and coordination that best fit their goals.

Involvement in research projects and in college-level teaching is critical. The Graduate College imposes a residency requirement, which requires students to complete a minimum of 30 credits of graduate credit in residence at The University of Arizona (18 credits of dissertation plus 12 credits of regular graded coursework taken at the university). "In residence" is defined as credits offered by The University of Arizona, whether or not they are offered on campus. Some programs require full-time attendance for two or more semesters. Some coursework can be selected to accommodate the needs of part-time students. However, because coursework is only a part of preparation for a scholarly career, and consistent involvement in academic endeavors is often limited for part-time students, students are encouraged to pursue graduate study on a full-time basis.

Students are also required to complete qualifying and comprehensive examinations and a final dissertation and defense.


Major and minor requirements

Students in the program choose either one or two supporting minor areas. If a student chooses two supporting minor subjects, or a split minor, each minor must have at least six credits of coursework. Although the minor subject or subjects will usually be taken outside the major department, minors within the major department may be permitted with departmental approval. Requirements for the minor are established by the minor department. At least 36 credits of work, exclusive of the dissertation, must be in the major area. A minimum of nine credits are required in the minor area, with 12 or 15 credits being more common. Minor requirements are set by the department offering the minor.


Independent study

Independent study courses (599, 699, and 900) are an important way to provide students with useful learning activities in a flexible way. However, clear documentation of the learning process is important and the independent course must be approved by the advisor and the department head before the independent study begins. Independent study applications are available in the educational psychology office (College of Education building, room 602). The student petition should provide the learning goals of the experience and how student progress will be evaluated.