Educational Leadership & Policy, Ph.D.

A total of 72 credits is required for the Educational Leadership, Ph.D., program.

Required cohort core coursework (12 credits)

EDL 606: Policy Analysis
EDL 621: Organizational, Operational and Resource Leadership
EDL 625: Leadership in Diverse Communities
EDL 626: Leadership for Social Justice


Electives/Theory (12 credits)

Coursework to support research interest or enhance skills, including a theory class. Example courses include:

EDL 620: Advanced Foundations of Educational Leadership
EDL 623: Curriculum Leadership
EDL 627: Leadership and Change
EDL 601: Program Evaluation
EDL 696A: Critical Race Theory
EDL 696A: Culturally Responsive Leadership
EDL 682: The Superintendency
HED 609: Advanced Organizational Theory
EDL 696B: Politics of Education
EDL 696A: Professional Development


Research Methods (12-15 credits)

Quantitative Methods, Qualitative Methods, Research Design, Advanced Qualitative or Quantitative Methods


Dissertation (18 credits)

Credits of dissertation (taken after completing the comprehensive exam)


Internship (1-3 credits)

P-20 administrative/research internship (students who want to focus on scholarship/research have the option of completing a research internship/apprenticeship in lieu of this requirement)


Minor (9-12 credits)

Coursework outside of EDL that will complement your major (approved by the minor department)