College Council

The College Council serves as a public forum for systematic deliberation and consultation with the Dean about matters of concern to the College community.  The Chair of the College Council acts as a liaison with the Dean to ensure ongoing interaction.

The first 15 minutes of each meeting are designated as an open forum and anyone in the college (faculty, staff and students) can come to the open forum. If you have a concern or idea you would like to bring to the Council, please notify Dr. Sunggye Hong and a Zoom link will be shared with you. 

Keiron Bailey, EPSP Rep.
Angela Botello, OOD Rep., 2022-2023
Ji Hong, EDP Rep., 2022-2023
Sergio Castro, Graduate Student Rep., 2022-2023
Jil Castek, TLS Rep., 2021-2023
Carrie Hollman, Staff Rep., 2021-2023
Sunggye Hong, DPS Rep., 2021-2023
Ada Parra, TLS Rep., 2021-2023
Toni Sparks, DPS Rep, 2021-2023
Rachel Barton, OOD Staff Resource


1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Jan. 12, 2023


Virtual Event