Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee for the College of Education aims to ignite creativity, problem solving, and innovation among students, faculty, and staff for the advancement of education and initiatives that support diversity and equity for the college at large. With a strong emphasis on reshaping systems within the college to proactively support intersectional understandings of diversity, equity and inclusion, we work to provide ongoing guidance that will further our goals of centering issues of equity and justice in the College of Education.   Our purpose is to ensure that all individuals have an equitable opportunity to thrive during their time in the college, while building capacity to advance equity and inclusion in diverse communities.

Advancing Diversity through Action Series

In keeping with our mission statement, the committee is organizing for 2022-2023 the Advancing Diversity through Action Series (ADAS) to address critical issues around diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, impacting both the College of Education and local communities.

In addition to inviting speakers to share their expertise working with underserved populations on issues of racism, disability, and higher education, the committee is also providing opportunities for the entire COE community to engage in these critically important conversations through different types of events and interactions, such as book studies, curriculum workshops, and panel discussions.

After engaging in these conversations, the committee will help translate the resulting concepts into practical recommendations for action for staff, students, faculty, and local communities.

The following will serve as a space where COE community members may access important resources related to each ADAS offering in 2022-2023

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Learning Series

Each month the College of Education will engage faculty and staff in Professional Learning focused on DEI. The monthly professional learning will have four parts:

  1. Read: Short and impactful articles, chapters, or blogs to help frame the topic for the month (Week 1).
  2. Watch/Listen: Watch a pre-recorded presentation, YouTube recordings, and/or listen to a podcast focused on the topic for the month (Week 2).
  3. Reflection: Journal, write reflections, and respond to prompts/questions based on the "read" and "watch/listen" for the month reading and recording (Week 3).
  4. Engage: Participate in sessions, which will include community conversations as well as authors from the readings, presenters from the pre-recorded session or podcast, or an expert on the topic of the month (Week 4).

The DEI Learning Series is intentionally framed in this way to allow faculty and staff to build a shared understanding of topics and concepts (read and watch/listen) before engaging.

Mini-Grant Program

Another major initiative sponsored by the Diversity Committee for 2022-2023 is the second annual Mini-Grant Program. Intended to strengthen vibrant communities and cultures, promote civic engagement, and spark thoughtful community dialogue on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, our mini-grants are designed to support bold and innovative projects that are meaningful to our college and local communities. Special consideration will be given to proposals that advance and support underserved, often marginalized, populations. Mini-Grant Program applications will open in mid-Spring 2023.