Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Board

The College of Education Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board represents the voices, concerns, and interests of the diverse undergraduate student body and serves as a direct line of communication between students and College of Education administration in an effort to improve the undergraduate student experience.

The board meets monthly with the dean to lend advice and support on matters of importance to the student body. The board also serves as a representative voice in sharing the hopes and concerns of the students with the dean. Each board member serves as an outreach source to gather student voices and bring them to the table for discussion. The job of the board is to provide a voice for all undergraduate students in the College of Education.

For more information or to get in touch with a board member, please contact the board advisor, Sara Knepper via email. Applications to join the board are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Ephraim Amissah
Leadership & Learning Innovation

Why did you choose this major? I chose Leadership and Learning Innovations because I love being able to mentor. I worked in a high school as an advisor for first generation college bound students and I instantly found my dream job.

Why did you want to join the board? As a member of the board, I have the opportunity to be an extension of the student body and make sure that their voices are heard. I want to not only learn leadership skills, but also share experiences of my own. I hope to be a part of a team that brings positive change to the College of Education.

Favorite memory in the COE: My first Student Welcome was a wonderful experience. Even though I was participating as a peer mentor and not a student, I was able to see just how tight-knit the members of the COE are.

Sarah Mathew
Rehabilitation Studies & Services

Why did you choose your major? I chose to major in Rehabilitation Studies and Services because I hope to go into the field of occupational therapy. As an occupational therapist, I hope to empower individuals to see their diverse strengths and qualities rather than having them focus on what they cannot do.

Why did you want to join the Board? I wanted to join the Board so I could be a voice for the people in my college, and especially within my major. I wanted to be involved in an organization that helped make the college a better place.

Favorite memory in the COE? My favorite memory in the College of Education has been taking a service learning course where I got to go out and volunteer for Beads of Courage and other organizations.

Jenna Nicole Newkirk
Rehabilitation Studies & Services
Business Administration and Psychology

Why did you choose your major? I chose Rehabilitation Studies and Services as my major because of my passion for advocating and caring for people with disabilities. In the future, I hope to become an Occupational Therapist that helps patients develop, recover, and maintain the skills needed for daily activities of living and working.

Why did you want to join the Board? I joined the Dean's Advisory Board to share my experiences as a Rehab student to become a  useful representative for this major and promote positive change. I hope to form relationships with all people involved including students, advisors, professors, and the dean to learn and grow from their personal stories and backgrounds. I love being in welcoming communities that promote friendships and new opportunities.

Favorite memory in the COE: I am a new member and have only experienced one meeting with the Board so far. Everyone welcomed me with smiles, eager to get to know who I am and what I will bring to this new community.

Samantha M Paredes
Early Childhood Education

Why did you choose your major? I chose to study early childhood education because I want to be able to provide a welcoming and diverse community for young children to help them develop a healthy and positive relationship with their education.

Why did you want to join the Board? I decided to apply for the Board because I have always focused on participating in civic engagement. I am very passionate about speaking up about issues that may arise in my communities, so I am excited about the Board as an opportunity to do that.

Favorite memory in the COE: My favorite memory in the COE so far, was taking TLS 150, because this course was so impactful and allowed me to learn about the institutional issues within the education system throughout its existence.

Roarke Poggio
Early Childhood Education

Why did you choose your major? I chose to major in Early Childhood Education because I think early childhood is the most critical time in a person's life to learn!

Why did you want to join the Board? I joined the Dean's Advisory Board to be more involved in the COE and work with other students to make our college experience even better!

Favorite memory in the COE: My favorite memory in the COE was 2022 Admitted Student Day because I loved meeting a ton of future teachers (and UA alumni) and hearing their stories!