ASL Dual Enrollment Program

Interested in pursuing a B.S.E. in Deaf Studies?

Students attending local high schools can elect to participate in dual enrollment courses, thereby allowing ASL credits to apply towards their high school graduation requirements, as well as the University of Arizona. American Sign Language I and II (SERP 370A and 370B) are two classes designed to teach students about basic skills in ASL vocabulary, grammar, and use. Since ASL I and II are required courses for a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, those who take them in high school get a head start on their freshman year of college and pay a fraction of the cost (only $599 per course). The high school credits are transferable to all Arizona public institutions of higher learning and to most of those out of state. For students who attend the following schools, the program is available;

  • Tucson High School 
  • Amphitheater High School 
  • Canyon del Oro High School 
  • Andrada Polytechnic High School 
  • Marana High School*

*Offers Career and Technical Education credit for ASL courses as well

For those students who choose to apply and attend the University of Arizona, the ASL courses will be accepted as credit towards the university’s second language requirement.