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Teaching & Teacher Education (MA) - Teachers in Industry

Teachers in Industry focuses on guiding teachers to effectively bring their real-world experiences into classrooms while building in-depth and practical knowledge of the workplace and is open to all Arizona STEM teachers. Teachers in Industry integrates paid summer industry work experiences in local businesses across Arizona together with either a Master of Arts in Teaching and Teacher Education degree or professional development credits.

Prepare for a new position in education through an advanced study of teaching and learning
Learn about and focus on a particular subject area of your choice
Study the concepts, methodologies, and findings of recent research on teaching and schooling practices

Courses of the program are delivered in person. Core coursework of the teachers in industry program includes courses like TLS 542 (Problems of Practice in STEM Classrooms) and TLS 570 (Introduction to Research in Education). 

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The majority of the graduates of this program are teachers in schools and informal education institutions. Other graduates continue their education and go on to doctoral programs.

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For inquiries about the program, please contact Program Coordinator Andrea Lauritzen.