Effects of Teaching Practices on Peer Victimization and Defending Behaviors

08/01/2019 - 07/31/2022

The objective of the proposed project is to use multiple methods and multiple informants to understand the mechanisms by which teachers influence student victimization, defending, and helping behaviors towards their classmates. The project is based on a strong theoretical conceptualization and employs a rigorous empirical inquiry. We will also identify mediators and moderators of teacher influences on student behaviors. We will investigate (1) the effects of teaching practices (emotionally supportive, culturally sensitive, structured classroom management, & responsive to peer victimization) on peer victimization and defending/helping behaviors, (2) the mediating roles of students’ social cognition and classroom ecology; and (3) the moderating effect of teacher-student relationship. 

Jina Yoon, PI
Sheri Bauman, CoPI
Russell Toomey, CoPI